Our Work

Our initiatives are evolving and expanding. We are continually looking for new ways to support a creative culture of flourishing and plan to host artist residencies in the near future. Follow us on Instagram to see what we are exploring or connect with us if you would like to support our mission and join our community.

Grants Program

We accept proposals by invitation only and find new grantee partners through our networks, field research, and gatherings. If you feel your work is strongly aligned with our philosophy, tell us about it at info@creative-states.org. We read and appreciate each introduction, and while we are not able to respond to every email, we will contact you if we are interested to learn more.

Past Initiatives Creative States Prize

A $10,000 prize for a work of art, architecture or design that fosters more engaged and imaginative public participation in shaping a flourishing future.

2020 Recipient: Museum of 21st Century Design

The Museum of 21st Century Design (M21D) responded to our challenge – to design a civic space (physical or virtual) that promotes a deeper sense of interconnectivity between one another and our world – with a concept for a new kind of museum for the 21st century. M21D is a nomadic, future-focused museum devoted to engaging communities in exploring design that positively impacts society and the environment. M21D was awarded seed funding to execute initial programming that reframes what we ask of design to create a flourishing future.

Pratt Institute Learning Journey Collaboration

An annual learning journey for creative enterprise leaders hosted by Pratt Institute’s graduate programs in Creative Enterprise Leadership.

Learning Journey: Spain

Creative States was invited to host conversations in Madrid and Seville with creative placemakers, designers, architects, urban planners and museum professionals to explore local perspectives on the theme ‘Human by Design.’ Together, we invited new ways of thinking about belonging, engaging and imagining for flourishing in our public life.