Fielding futures worth living into

The Future Field Prize is awarded annually to a visionary creative project that engages one of our six core states to field futures of greater presence and possibility.


We cannot manifest a future of fullness from a purely intellectual place: we will not risk the journey until we have somehow first felt the beauty of the destination. 

Each year, the Future Field Prize asks creators across disciplines to envision projects that engage one of Creative States’ six core states to help field a future of greater possibility. We invite you to propose a ‘What if…’ (in the form of an object, concept, space, service, performance, intervention or installation) that demonstrates what the future might feel like with more deeply enriching and enlivening experiences in our communities, economic exchanges, and public life. By ‘Future Fielding,’ help us seed opportunities today that chart us toward a larger reality. 

2020 Prize Theme: Playful

What if we harness playfulness to foster a deeper openness and trust in our communal life?

As digital devices encourage us to foreground the virtual over the physical, we find ourselves increasingly ‘alone together’; disconnected from our neighbors, and less invested in the important work of fostering vibrant, tolerant and trusting communities. It’s time we explore the power of play to lure us out of the virtual and into the real world in meaningful ways.


The Future Field Prize seeks proposed or realized creative projects of all kinds (object, concept, space, service, performance, installation or intervention) that consider the following qualities:

Speculative: are imaginative, experimental and future-seeking; taking present-day challenges as a starting point for critically exploring more positive and desirable futures.

Embodied: engage our senses and move us emotionally to ground complex issues and new possibilities in tangible, relatable and meaningful ways.

Engaging: activate the greater public in open-minded experimentation and discussion about our shared future.

Cross-disciplinary: draw inspiration from diverse disciplines and new fields of inquiry; moving beyond traditional boundaries or approaches.


1st Prize Winner: $10,000 cash prize
Runners Up: $1,500 cash prize
Prize funds to be used toward further development of the winning project and/or implementation in a real world setting.

Ceremony & Press
Awards event with jurors
Social media coverage – shared, tweeted, and liked among international arts and design fans
Media partnerships include platforms such as Quartz, Metropolis, Domus and Fast Company


We actively encourage creatives of all backgrounds to submit proposals. The next submission deadline is January 15, 2020. If you have any questions about the application, please get in touch.

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