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The Future Field Prize is awarded annually to a proposed life-affirming innovation that helps us envision futures worth living into.

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    December 15, 2020


The Future Field Prize fosters life-affirming innovation. Each year the prize challenges creative practitioners to propose responses to a timely question, by foregrounding the highlighted creative state. Through installation, structure, object, performance, intervention or concept, the prize aims to highlight how the creative fields can imagine bold new possibilities and stimulate conversations that move us toward a world that is not only sustained but truly alive.

2020 Theme

Connecting and communing with each other from a place of civility, generosity, tolerance and respect for all life

The social upheaval caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement provides an unprecedented opportunity to see our world differently. By presenting us with the need to reexamine how we live together, it has gifted us the impetus to re-envision community and our future.

How can we design a civic space for public gathering (physical or virtual) that encourages us to truly meet and see one another? How do we foster a more rounded and robust sense of connection that amplifies our collective humanity?


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Prize Format

‘What if’ Question (<25 words)
Frame your life-affirming vision around a provocative ‘What if’ question to help us shape the future. Your vision can be in the form of an object, concept, space, service, performance, intervention or installation in any of the following fields: environment, food, economy, education, politics, urban and rural planning, infrastructure, spirituality, wellness or culture.

Future Field Notes (<250 words)
Send us 3 postcards from your ‘future field’. Each postcard should depict an image of your vision (.jpg or .gif). On the reverse side of ONE card, write a letter to one of your chosen frame-changers. The correspondence can be from a visitor of your choosing (living, historical, fictional) who is describing their experience and observations of what it feels like to be in your proposed future (see sample entry below).

Creative Statement (<250 words)
Describe how the world has changed in your future. How did we get here? What possibilities did you see along the way to help us feel more human?

Project Info (<500 words)
A description of your vision: what it is and how it works, three frame-changers who have influenced your project, and your team information.

(See Future Field Prize Brief and Prize Example below).

Key Dates

September 15: Theme announcement
November 15: Early submission deadline
December 15: Final submission deadline
February 15: Winner announcement
April: Awards gathering


Consult the Future Field Prize Brief and Submission Template. (Coming soon)
Find inspiration from a sample entry. (Coming soon)
E-mail your entry to

We cannot manifest a future of fullness from a purely intellectual place: we will not risk the journey until we have somehow first felt the beauty of the destination.

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