Creative States is a design research studio exploring creativity that shifts us from rational into relational approaches to change, and moves us beyond a merely sustaining toward a truly life-giving world.

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Serpentine Galleries

140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth

Ideas that kindle a sense of artistry and possibility as we re-imagine our relationship with nature.

Martin Roth

Plant Concert

An artist exposes us to the music of plants as they evolve in concert with their native environment.

Nomad Garden

Gardens in the Air

An audiovisual and olfactory story

A diverse community collects sounds, scents and sensations from the neighborhood to catalyze its own story of urban roots, renaturation and renewal.

Fondation Beyeler

Olafur Eliasson


An exhibition to explore life beyond human-centric perspectives and into a co-existence we can as yet only imagine.

“To see the earth as it truly is. Small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats. Is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together. Brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold.”

~ Archibald McGee

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee


Apollo 8 astronauts recount their transformational encounter with Earthrise, an awe-striking spectacle of life in the blackness of space.