The Flourishing Project

We believe our most urgent challenges are the product of a disembodied modern worldview,
and shifting this mindset is our greatest priority.
How can we reframe from controlling and
exploiting an inanimate world to cocreating
and enlivening our living one?

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What if mushrooms can help us grow new economies of care?

What if our neighborhoods could come alive with regenerative energy?

What if we enlisted kids to help us balance the masculine and feminine in all of us?

What if we could translate other species’ languages to co-create our future world?

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Serpentine Galleries

140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth

Ideas that kindle a sense of artistry and possibility as we re-imagine our relationship with nature.

Martin Roth

Plant Concert

An artist exposes us to the music of plants as they evolve in concert with their native environment.

Nomad Garden

Gardens in the Air

An audiovisual and olfactory story

A diverse community collects sounds, scents and sensations from the neighborhood to catalyze its own story of urban roots, renaturation and renewal.

We explore a creative shift to more
embodied ways of perceiving the world and motivating change focused not simply on
sustaining but flourishing. Join us to shape
new possibilities for a flourishing future.