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Creative States champions life-affirming innovation. We field future visions that awaken our sense of joy, play, wonder, thoughtfulness, authenticity and humanity so we can transform our world to feel not only sustained, but truly alive.


What If...

Our ‘What If’ series highlights creative projects that can push the limits of real world innovations to enliven our future.

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  • Thoughtful

What if we could translate other species’ languages to co-create our future world?

How Natalie Jeremijenko's Mussel Choir helps us tune into the beauty of our waterfront and the health of our ecosystems.

  • Authentic
  • Human

What if we enlisted kids to help us make the future female AND male?

How Andrew Schlesinger’s GENTLEmen challenges us to reframe the way we teach kids about gender.

It's Time...

Each ‘It’s Time’ editorial dreams up a team of bold thinkers to bring new life to an issue in need of creative reframing.

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  • Playful

It’s time we give intolerance a playful kick in the pants.

How the transformative potential of play can help us find new common ground in our civic life.

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  • Thoughtful

It’s time we move beyond the call for hope and greatness.

Why Trump’s #MAGA and Obama’s #YesWeCan have kept us in the dark, and how we can begin to feel our way into a bright new #FutureField.


Conversations with creators and thought leaders about how they foster a greater sense of aliveness.

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  • Authentic
  • Thoughtful

Anne Quito

The award-winning Quartz design critic on limning injustice with love letters to the world.

  • Human
  • Wondrous

Joseph Weissgold

The Head of Invention at Future Laboratories on leading with reverence, and why it’s not what but how you want to be that matters.


An evolving collection of life-affirming inspirations to fuel your creative states and awaken your sense of possibility.

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The Guggenheim

Countryside, The Future


A thoughtful and long overdue look at the future of non-cities.

thoughtful environment, economy


Another Future


A futures board game to broaden our perspectives on what’s possible.

playful economy, education

Julia Watson

Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism


What indigenous knowledge can teach us about climate renewal.

human environment, infrastructure

SYSTEM Sounds NASA Project

4000 Exoplanets


A wondrous score composed from our discoveries of life in the universe.

wondrous environment, spirituality

Tomas Saraceno

Fly With Aerocene Pacha


The first human fully-solar flight aims to elevate new planetary futures.

wondrous environment, infrastructure

The Dutch Institute of Food & Design

Edible Futures


An exhibit’s audioguide uses speculative narratives to immerse us in a series of provocative food futures.

joyous food, culture

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