Creating the Future with Care

We're changing what we care about in innovation to shape a future that feels not only life-sustaining, but truly life-affirming.


What if mushrooms can help us grow new economies of care?

Helen Chen

Fruiting Bodies: Internet of Mycelium (IoM)
ThoughtfulWondrous community, environment

What if our neighborhoods could come alive with regenerative energy?

Daan Roosegaarde

Gates of Light & WindVogel
ThoughtfulWondrous environment, infrastructure

What if we enlisted kids to help us balance the masculine and feminine in us all?

Andrew Schlesinger

AuthenticHuman culture, education

What if we could translate other species’ languages to co-create our future world?

Natalie Jeremijenko

Mussel Choir
PlayfulThoughtful environment, infrastructure

On Being

Toward a Moral Revolution

Jacqueline Novogratz


A conversation on awakening our moral imagination to shift our world toward ‘giving more than we take.’

daring economy, spirituality

Guggenheim Museum


Feb 20-21, 2021


A participatory digital artwork where users explore nurturing co-habitation on a remote wilderness island.

thoughtful community, environment

El Futuro Imposible

Dear Darkening Ground


Future fiction animations that ask us to explore a new relationship to life.

thoughtful culture, environment

"If we merge mercy with might, and might with right ... we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one."


~ Amanda Gorman

wondrous economy, politics


Don’t Wait, A Film by Lanre Malaolu


A raw performance using the anger of injustice as catalyst to explore personal vulnerability and acceptance.

daring spirituality, wellness

"As they become known to and accepted by us, our feelings and the honest exploration of them become sanctuaries and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring ideas."


~ Audre Lorde

daring spirituality, wellness

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