Your Senses

Imaginative tidbits, wise words and little wonders to awaken creative possibility.

A tool to help us overcome our vagueness and tell others how we really feel.

Reimagines the sustainability potential of a mundane food staple.

A poetic meditation on the fragility and future of our animal kingdom.

A provocative take at designing our own beautiful extinction.

Shows our connection to the universe is as transformative as it is ephemeral.

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

Arundhati Roy

A call for buildings to inspire us to feel, think and wonder.

Proposes design as a tool for thinking critically about possible futures.

Reminds us of architecture’s power to build future dreams into reality.

A transporting voice to feed your sense of wonder for the natural world.

"When enough people raise play to the status it deserves in our lives, we will find the world a better place."

Stuart Brown

Champions play as productive, expressive, educational and fundamental to our well-being.

A band’s playful approach to hunting for magic and finding amazing ideas.

Introduces the fearless, fantastical approach of this très Frrreench experience designer.

Asks us to creatively and critically question the future we are creating.

Whimsically turns frozen lakes into heart-warming creative playgrounds.

Thoughtfully questions how our connection to the land defines and divides us.

Creatives of all disciplines present bold visions for the 22nd century.

"All things change according to the state we are in. Nothing is fixed."

Robert Henri

Being Hear

Joyously explores what it really means to be present and listen.

"The 20th century was all about big changes in the outer world; the 21st century is about big changes in our inner worlds."

Douglas Coupland

Foregrounds how design influences the way we experience and feel.

Investigates how extreme climate organisms might help us push our boundaries.

Frames the oddity, intimacy and profound humanity of laugh yoga.

Authentically questions the role of pain and joy, and what life is worth living.

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