Your Senses

An evolving collection of life-affirming inspirations to fuel your creative states and awaken your sense of possibility.

Olafur Eliasson

Earth Speakr

An interactive artwork gives us our turn, as adults, to listen to young people’s views about the future wellbeing of the planet.

playful environment, education

C. Anders, L. Nneka Arimah and C. Yu

A People's Future of the United States

Narratives that release us from today’s norms and give us new futures to believe in.

joyous politics, culture

The New York Times

Deanna Van Buren

An architect who designs civic spaces as human and holistic healing alternatives to correction facilities

human urbanism, wellness

"Only out of acceptance of the world's terrible pain and its wonderful possibilities can you anchor your vision... anguish is the force through which the world can come closer to being all that it can be."

~ Donella Meadows


Ragnar Kjartansson

The Visitors

Moments of collective pain allow us to see the beauty in our fragility, and recognize that we are never truly alone.

authentic wellness, culture


The Universe in Verse

Celebrates poetry’s wondrous ability to broaden our perspectives and reveal our reality afresh.

wondrous spirituality, culture

In the Eyes of the Animal

Marshmallow Laser Feast

A multisensory stimulation of empathy and respect for nature from a non-human perspective

wondrous environment, culture

Jane Metcalfe & Brian Bergstein

Neo Life

Asks the big questions that will drive the next phase of our evolution.

thoughtful environment, culture

“On spacecraft earth, there are no passengers. We are all crew. We are not consumers but creators. If we take our mission seriously, there's a whole new world to be explored.”

~ Marshall McLuhan


Pioneer Works

Embodied Emotional Resilience Workshop

A workshop exploring how to reclaim the emotional resilience of the body in a techno-capitalist world.

human spirituality, wellness

Matadero Madrid

Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales

(Feb 13 - July 19, 2020)

Architects and artists question the nature of cities and propose new ways of designing and inhabiting them.

thoughtful environment, urbanism



Urban cultural projects in Seville create a new intimate and artistic ecological approach to entrepreneurship and food.

playful environment, urbanism

"To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,
One clover and a bee,
And revery.
The revery alone will do,
If bees are few."

~ Emily Dickenson


The Guggenheim

Countryside, The Future

(Feb 20 - Aug 14, 2020)

Rem Koolhaas ponders the radical potential of rural spaces.

joyous environment, economy


Another Future

A futures board game to broaden our perspectives on what’s possible.

joyous economy, education

Julia Watson

Lo-TEK: Design by Radical Indigenism

What indigenous knowledge can teach us about climate renewal.

joyous environment, infrastructure

SYSTEM Sounds NASA Project

4000 Exoplanets

A wondrous score composed from our discoveries of life in the universe.

wondrous environment, spirituality

Tomas Saraceno

Fly With Aerocene Pacha

The first human fully-solar flight aims to elevate new planetary futures.

human environment, infrastructure

The Dutch Institute of Food & Design

Edible Futures

An exhibit’s audioguide uses speculative narratives to immerse us in a series of provocative food futures.

wondrous food, culture

"Humans are not either thinking machines or feeling machines, but rather feeling machines that think."

~ Antonio Damasio


Jonathon Porritt

The World We Made

A positive narrative set in 2050 describing the 21st century breakthroughs that have transformed our planet.

human environment, education


Neri Oxman: Material Ecology

(Feb 22 - May 25, 2020)

A celebration of pioneering materials and processes for interdisciplinary and interspecies collaboration.

wondrous environment, economy

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Border Tuner

Citizens communicate through interactive light to humanize connection across the US-Mexico border.

playful infrastructure, culture

"We are living in times that came about from dreams of people before us. The world to come has everything to do with the dreams we are dreaming now."

~ Manoj Fenelon


Victoria & Albert Museum

Food: Bigger than the Plate

(May 18 - Oct 20, 2019)

A thought-provoking look at our capacity to influence and re-imagine the humanity of our food systems.

joyous food, economy

Future Tense Fictions:

Stories of Tomorrow

A cornucopia of possible futures from today’s leading voices in speculative literature and science fiction.

playful politics, culture

New Yorker

Iris van Herpen

A CERN-visiting designer who uses fashion to explore new ways of seeing and sensing the world.

playful environment, culture

PlayLab, Inc

+POOL Light

A playful way to measure ‘how’s the water today?’ and change our relationship to the water around us.

thoughtful environment, infrastructure

“You never change things by fighting the existing a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ Buckminster Fuller


Olafur Eliasson

Expanded Studio

Following an artist’s process for collecting cross-disciplinary creative inspiration.

joyous environment, culture

Solar Punk Festival

A platform empowering people to co-create positive and ecologically-balanced futures.

joyous environment, infrastructure

SVA Products of Design

Parallel Times

A playful take at how artifacts from the near future can impact our innovations today.

wondrous economy, culture

The Outline

We Should All Be Reading More Ursula Le Guin

Reminds us of the power of storytelling as a tool for creating better futures.

thoughtful environment, culture

Erling Kagge

Silence in the Age of Noise

An arctic explorer’s thoughts on how silence can help us find wonder in the everyday.

playful spirituality, culture

“To live with hope in times that reward cynicism and, in many ways, call for cynicism, I think, is a tremendous act of courage and resistance.”

~ Maria Popova




(Sep 11, 2018 - Feb 17, 2020)

Highlights artists and designers using play as a critical tool for social transformation.

joyous urbanism, culture

Gordon Hempton

Being Hear

An acoustic ecologist on why silence is the think tank of the soul.

playful environment, culture

Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste

Another Generosity

Poetically probes how architecture can generously respond to both humans and nature.

playful environment, infrastructure


How to Find a Wonderful Idea

A band’s playful approach to hunting for magic and finding amazing ideas.

wondrous education, culture

"Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father."

~ Roger von Oech


Philadelphia Museum of Art

Designs for Different Futures

(Oct 22, 2019 – Mar 8, 2020)

A provocative dive into how we are reframing our future, socially, ethically and aesthetically.

joyous economy, culture

School of Life

Emotional Barometer

A tool to help us overcome our vagueness and tell others how we really feel.

joyous spirituality, wellness

Carolien Niebling

The Sausage of the Future

Reimagines the sustainability potential of a mundane food staple.

thoughtful food, economy

Bernie Krause

The Great Animal Orchestra

A poetic meditation on the fragility and future of our animal kingdom.

playful environment, urbanism

Milan Triennale

Broken Nature

(Mar 1 - Sep 1, 2019)

A provocative take at designing our own beautiful extinction.

playful environment, culture

"Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing."

~ Arundhati Roy


Cai Guo-Qiang

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

Shows our connection to the universe is as transformative as it is ephemeral.

joyous spirituality, culture

The Why Factory

We Want World Wonders: Building Architectural Myths

A call for buildings to inspire us to feel, think and wonder.

joyous urbanism, infrastructure

Nelly Ben Hayoun

One Minute Wonder

Introduces the fearless, fantastical approach of this très Frrreench experience designer.

joyous environment, culture

Bjarke Ingels

Why Architecture Should Be More Like Minecraft

Reminds us of architecture’s power to build future dreams into reality.

wondrous urbanism, infrastructure

Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby

Speculative Everything

Proposes design as a tool for thinking critically about possible futures.

playful economy, culture

Wendell Berry

The Peace of Wild Things

A transporting voice to feed your sense of wonder for the natural world.

human environment, culture

"When enough people raise play to the status it deserves in our lives, we will find the world a better place."

~ Stuart Brown


Miguel Sicart

Play Matters

Champions play as productive, expressive, educational and fundamental to our well-being.

joyous education, culture

V&A Museum

The Future Starts Here

(May 12 - Nov 4, 2018)

Asks us to creatively and critically question the future we are creating.

joyous environment, economy

Art Shanty Projects

Whimsically turns frozen lakes into heart-warming creative playgrounds.

joyous urbanism, culture

Through the Repellent Fence

Thoughtfully questions how our connection to the land defines and divides us.

playful infrastructure, culture

Science Gallery

Life at the Edges

(Jun 22 - Sep 30, 2018)

Investigates how extreme climate organisms might help us push our boundaries.

joyous environment, economy

Planet B: Ideas for a New World

Creatives of all disciplines present bold visions for the 22nd century.

joyous environment, economy

"All things change according to the state we are in. Nothing is fixed."

~ Robert Henri


2018 London Design Biennale

Emotional States

(Sep 4-23, 2019)

Foregrounds how design influences the way we experience and feel.

joyous wellness, culture
Being Hear

Analog Research Lab

Being Hear

Joyously explores what it really means to be present and listen.

authentic wellness, culture

New York Times VR & Alec Soth

Laughter Yoga

Frames the oddity, intimacy and profound humanity of laughter yoga.

joyous spirituality, wellness

"The 20th century was all about big changes in the outer world; the 21st century is about big changes in our inner worlds."

~ Douglas Coupland


Jeppe Hein

The Happiness of Burnout: The Case of Jeppe Hein

Authentically questions the role of pain and joy, and what life is worth living.

authentic wellness, culture

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