Your Senses

An evolving collection of life-affirming interventions to fuel your creative states and awaken your sense of possibility.

Martin Roth

Plant Concert

An artist exposes us to the music of plants as they evolve in concert with their native environment.

wondrous environment, wellness

Nomad Garden

Gardens in the Air

An audiovisual and olfactory story

A diverse community collects sounds, scents and sensations from the neighborhood to catalyze its own story of urban roots, renaturation and renewal.

joyous community, environment

Walker Art Center

600 Highwaymen

A Thousand Ways

A deeply human theatrical exploration of our current reality to bring us out of isolation and toward togetherness.

human community, wellness

Guggenheim Museum


Feb 20-21, 2021

A participatory digital artwork where users explore nurturing co-habitation on a remote wilderness island.

thoughtful community, environment

Dream the Combine

TRACKING, A Polyrhythm of Winter

A participatory portrait of winter that coheres our bodies, environment and cosmos into one interrelated system.

wondrous environment, spirituality

Feral Atlas

A beautiful online exploration of the consequences that human infrastructure projects have on nonhuman entities.

thoughtful environment, infrastructure

Katie Paterson

Future Library Forest

A collection of leading writers and poets grow a forest of books and imagination for our future.

thoughtful culture, environment



Urban cultural projects in Seville create a new intimate and artistic ecological approach to entrepreneurship and food.

playful community, environment

Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste

Another Generosity

Poetically probes how architecture can generously respond to both humans and nature.

playful environment, infrastructure

Art Shanty Projects

Whimsically turns frozen lakes into heart-warming creative playgrounds.

joyous community, culture

Through the Repellent Fence

Thoughtfully questions how our connection to the land defines and divides us.

playful culture, politics

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