An evolving collection of inspirations to awaken a life-giving mindset and sense of generative possibility.

Serpentine Galleries

140 Artists’ Ideas for Planet Earth

Ideas that kindle a sense of artistry and possibility as we re-imagine our relationship with nature.

Martin Roth

Plant Concert

An artist exposes us to the music of plants as they evolve in concert with their native environment.

Nomad Garden

Gardens in the Air

An audiovisual and olfactory story

A diverse community collects sounds, scents and sensations from the neighborhood to catalyze its own story of urban roots, renaturation and renewal.

Fondation Beyeler

Olafur Eliasson


An exhibition to explore life beyond human-centric perspectives and into a co-existence we can as yet only imagine.

“To see the earth as it truly is. Small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats. Is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together. Brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold.”

~ Archibald McGee

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee


Apollo 8 astronauts recount their transformational encounter with Earthrise, an awe-striking spectacle of life in the blackness of space.

Walker Art Center

600 Highwaymen

A Thousand Ways

A deeply human theatrical exploration of our current reality to bring us out of isolation and toward togetherness.

“We need joy as we need air. We need love as we need water. We need each other as we need the earth we share.”

~ Maya Angelou


Meet the London Design Museum’s All-Female Designers in Residence

2021 Theme: Care

Four women across different design fields will explore how we reshape ‘caring economies’ for ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Les Others Magazine


Inspired by the Whole Earth Catalogue, this issue showcases creativity, resourcefulness and pragmatism in addressing our current moment.

The School of Life

The Importance of Play

Thoughts on encouraging play as a lifelong skill to help bend reality in the direction of our dreams.

“Beauty is that in the presence of which we feel more alive.”

~ John O’Donohue

London Design Biennale

June 1-27, 2021


A global design exploration on harnessing resonance to amaze audiences into profound shifts for a better future.


Mix Nostrum

A beautiful weaving of ethnographical musical fragments that celebrates the common in the different of cultures across the Med.

Space Caviar

Non-Extractive Architecture

On Designing Without Depletion

A provocative call for architects to design environments that nurture and harmonize rather than exploit and deplete.

“Life on Earth is about co-existence – among people, non-human animals, ecosystems, and the environment. Co-existence is beautiful and generative, chaotic and challenging. The fact is, we’re in it together.”

~ Olafur Eliasson

On Being

Toward a Moral Revolution

Jacqueline Novogratz

A conversation on awakening our moral imagination to shift our world toward ‘giving more than we take.’

Guggenheim Museum


Feb 20-21, 2021

A participatory digital artwork where users explore nurturing co-habitation on a remote wilderness island.

El Futuro Imposible

Dear Darkening Ground

Future fiction animations that ask us to explore a new relationship to life.

“If we merge mercy with might, and might with right … we will raise this wounded world into a wondrous one.”

~ Amanda Gorman


Don’t Wait, A Film by Lanre Malaolu

A raw performance using the anger of injustice as catalyst to explore personal vulnerability and acceptance.

“As they become known to and accepted by us, our feelings and the honest exploration of them become sanctuaries and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring ideas.”

~ Audre Lorde

Emergence Magazine

Emerging stories of our timeless connections between ecology, culture, and spirituality.

Dream the Combine

TRACKING, A Polyrhythm of Winter

A participatory portrait of winter that coheres our bodies, environment and cosmos into one interrelated system.

Feral Atlas

A beautiful online exploration of the consequences that human infrastructure projects have on nonhuman entities.

“Biophilia is the passionate love of life and all that is alive…whether in a person, a plant, an idea, or a social group.”

~ Erich Fromm

Julia Watson


Design by radical indigenism exposes how we’re drowning in technology and starving for wisdom.

C. Anders, L. Nneka Arimah and C. Yu

A People’s Future of the United States

A glittering landscape of twenty-five speculative stories that envision new futures for America.

New York Times

What Would a World Without Prisons Look Like?

Architect, Deanna Van Buren designs civic spaces that are healing alternatives to correctional facilities.

Walker Art Center

Design for Different Futures

Sep 12, 2020 – Apr 11, 2021

A provocative dive into how speculative designers are reframing our future.

Wendell Berry

The Peace of Wild Things

A calming voice to soothe our fears and nestle us in the grace of the wild world.

On Being

The Intelligence of Plants

Robin Wall Kimmerer

A conversation about celebrating indigenous ways of knowing and the intelligence of plants.

Katie Paterson

Future Library Forest

A collection of leading writers and poets grow a forest of books and imagination for our future.

Walker Art Center

Futures Focus: Foods

Stories to unpeel the possible future(s) of the food world as we know it.

C. Anders, L. Nneka Arimah and C. Yu

A People’s Future of the United States

Explores how we can draw human connection across the abyss of landscapes and ideas.

In the Eyes of the Animal

Marshmallow Laser Feast

A multisensory stimulation of empathy and respect for nature from a non-human perspective.

Matadero Madrid

Twelve Cautionary Urban Tales

(Feb 13 – July 19, 2020)

Architects and artists question the nature of cities and propose new ways of designing and inhabiting them.



Urban cultural projects in Seville create a new intimate and artistic ecological approach to entrepreneurship and food.

New Yorker

Iris van Herpen

A CERN-visiting designer who uses fashion to explore new ways of seeing and sensing the world.

PlayLab, Inc

+POOL Light

A playful way to measure ‘how’s the water today?’ and change our relationship to the water around us.

Gordon Hempton

Being Hear

An acoustic ecologist on why silence is the think tank of the soul.

Eero Lundén and Juulia Kauste

Another Generosity

Poetically probes how architecture can generously respond to both humans and nature.


How to Find a Wonderful Idea

A band’s playful approach to hunting for magic and finding amazing ideas.

“We are living in times that came about from dreams of people before us. The world to come has everything to do with the dreams we are dreaming now.”

~ Manoj Fenelon

Victoria & Albert Museum

Food: Bigger than the Plate

(May 18 – Oct 20, 2019)

A thought-provoking look at our capacity to influence and re-imagine the humanity of our food systems.

Future Tense Fictions:

Stories of Tomorrow

A cornucopia of possible futures from today’s leading voices in speculative literature and science fiction.

School of Life

Emotional Barometer

A tool to help us overcome our vagueness and tell others how we really feel.

Carolien Niebling

The Sausage of the Future

Reimagines the sustainability potential of a mundane food staple.

Bernie Krause

The Great Animal Orchestra

A poetic meditation on the fragility and future of our animal kingdom.

Milan Triennale

Broken Nature

(Mar 1 – Sep 1, 2019)

A provocative take at designing our own beautiful extinction.

Cai Guo-Qiang

Sky Ladder: The Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

Shows our connection to the universe is as transformative as it is ephemeral.

Nelly Ben Hayoun

One Minute Wonder

Introduces the fearless, fantastical approach of this très Frrreench experience designer.

Bjarke Ingels

Why Architecture Should Be More Like Minecraft

Reminds us of architecture’s power to build future dreams into reality.

Art Shanty Projects

Whimsically turns frozen lakes into heart-warming creative playgrounds.

Through the Repellent Fence

Thoughtfully questions how our connection to the land defines and divides us.

Science Gallery

Life at the Edges

(Jun 22 – Sep 30, 2018)

Investigates how extreme climate organisms might help us push our boundaries.

Planet B: Ideas for a New World

Creatives of all disciplines present bold visions for the 22nd century.

“All things change according to the state we are in. Nothing is fixed.”

~ Robert Henri

2018 London Design Biennale

Emotional States

(Sep 4-23, 2019)

Foregrounds how design influences the way we experience and feel.

Being Hear

Analog Research Lab

Being Hear

Joyously explores what it really means to be present and listen.

New York Times VR & Alec Soth

Laughter Yoga

Frames the oddity, intimacy and profound humanity of laughter yoga.

“The 20th century was all about big changes in the outer world; the 21st century is about big changes in our inner worlds.”

~ Douglas Coupland

Jeppe Hein

The Happiness of Burnout: The Case of Jeppe Hein

Authentically questions the role of pain and joy, and what life is worth living.