the Field

Our ‘What If’ series highlights life-affirming projects and proposes ways to further their impact in the world.

What if mushrooms can help us grow new economies of care?

Helen Chen

Fruiting Bodies: Internet of Mycelium (IoM)
ThoughtfulWondrous community, environment

What if our neighborhoods could come alive with regenerative energy?

Daan Roosegaarde

Gates of Light & WindVogel
ThoughtfulWondrous environment, infrastructure

What if we enlisted kids to help us balance the masculine and feminine in us all?

Andrew Schlesinger

AuthenticHuman culture, education

What if we could translate other species’ languages to co-create our future world?

Natalie Jeremijenko

Mussel Choir
PlayfulThoughtful environment, infrastructure

What if a city’s forgotten spaces became its most valued places?


We Like America
HumanPlayful community, economy

What if we could bake our way to cleaner air?

Zack Denfeld
Catherine Kramer

Smog Tasting Project
PlayfulThoughtful environment, food

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